HTTPS All The Things (Especially This Thing)

HTTPS All The Things (Especially This Thing)

I think we can all agree that HTTPS is a good thing. In fact, as a bit of a privacy-nut, I’d go further: I think all encryption is a good thing. We increasingly live in a world where our lives play out on the internet, and a key part of keeping some part of our lives private is using encryption.

For this reason, I’ve wanted to add HTTPS to my blog for a very long time. The blog doesn’t actually need it: I don’t have any form of CMS for the blog, instead managing all my content via a collection of scripts. This meant there was no risk of any sensitive information getting passed over the open internet: the scripts were secured by SSH.

Nevertheless, there are a few good reasons to use HTTPS. After all, we really want to get to a place where more websites have a green lock symbol in the browser bar than don’t. After all, the more websites that have SSL enabled, the less weird encrypted browser traffic is to your average snooper. They expect to see encrypted traffic, so that’s what they get.

Additionally, I want you to be able to trust that, when you visit my website, the only person who can be doing evil stuff to you is me. There are some ways in which this isn’t true (Hey, Heroku: please don’t be evil, OK?), but by and large you can be sure that the only people who can mess with this website are me and Heroku. This is infinitely better than in the HTTP-only case, where any wandering person can hop in the middle of your web traffic and inject all kinds of malicious crap into my carefully-crafted HTML.

HTTPS isn’t perfect. Indeed, the whole notion of certificate authorities is a pretty sketchy one. Armin Ronacher has lectured me about the evils of CAs in the past, and if you ask him really nicely (@mitsuhiko on Twitter), I’m sure he’ll explain their evils to you as well.

Nevertheless, I take the pragmatic approach: HTTPS is better than nothing, and I wanted to make it available.

Guess What?

Well now I have. As of right now, you can visit this website at either or and check out the snazzy green padlock in your browser bar. As of now I suggest you update your bookmarks (you do have me bookmarked, right?) to point to the HTTPS link. All future internal links on my blog will point to the protocol-relative version of my site, to ensure that those of you who care about security continue to reap its benefits.

What Took You So Long?

Honestly? Heroku charges $20 a month to use SSL on your website. Right now I was paying the princely sum of $0 a month to host this blog, so it was tough to bite the bullet and do this. The only silver lining is that StartSSL kindly provided me a free SSL certificate for this domain. And they’d do it for you too! In fact, it’s kind of their whole business model. Very cool.

This hasn’t changed, so what is special about now? The real reason I added HTTPS to this website now is an interesting one, but I haven’t finished with it yet. When I have, I’ll write another blog article to let you know. In the meantime, you’ll just have to live in suspense!